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These three words

These three words

are not fragile words

on which only dreams are built.

They are solid words

hewn from heart wood

shaped by experience.

Put your weight on these words

for they will bear you

should ground shift

or floods fill

or friends fail.

I love you.

Joseph J Field

New wine

New wine

    is for new

       wine skins

Mature wine

      I crave

Ruby red



Scents of summers




The taste of you

Joseph J Field

An empty Chair   November 2012

One day

    when you or I

           will face an empty chair

Let’s not pretend that

       our lost love

              still lingers there

                    - a scent

            - the faintest stirring of the air


But in the darkest hour

       and through the bitter pain

- this hope

that on a world

         lovely and renewed

             we shall meet

                     and we shall love again

Joseph J Field

Note - this “love” I believe to be agape rather than eros

On the way

Acrytlic 2012

Old Wine

Artist’s book 2012